The Big Blur

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The Story Line

Charlie Thompson, a homeless drifter, had neither acting experience nor famous friends but he did have luck. Waking up one morning in the park he sneaks a free breakfast, then roll is called and voila—he’s in a movie! Charlie Thompson is not an actor playing a bum but a bum playing an actor. He’s so convincing as a loser that almost overnight he wins a featured role in another film. That’s when the trouble begins. Charlie is playing a fiendish killer, yet even in make believe he has a peculiar aversion to violence. And he’s at the mercy of a sadistic director who will do whatever it takes to coax from beginners the best performance he can get. But the worst is yet to come. On an airport runway, filming the climax of the movie, his own criminal past is about to catch up with him.

Author’s Research

In researching this book, Tom Puckett worked for two summers as a background actor.

He is a stage actor and has written for both stage and screen. A graduate of UCLA and a former member of the Moorpark Arts Commission, he lives in Moorpark, California.


A great read! Puckett’s hero is the accidental tourist in La La Land … a journey inside the ropes of stardom. It’s Nathaniel West meets the Marx brothers. Somebody’s gonna snatch this up and make a very funny movie!

– Paul Williams, Oscar winning songwriter

“The Big Blur” takes you on a wild ride through the shadowy corners of The Movie Business. It’s a razor-sharp comic neo-noir in the best traditions of the genre.

– Mark Werlin, co-author of “The Savior” and “The Face”

The Big Blur is an LA story, a Hollywood story – This actor enjoyed reading of main character, Charlie Thompson’s outrageous good fortune with his acting career, his good luck in love and his exciting triumph over his enemies. There are many chuckles in the story’s twists and turns. Great for reading by the pool on a sunny day while you wait for your agent to call.

– Regina Mocey